Escape Artist is a series dedicated to breaking free of a normal routine and going beyond what is easily accessible.

 The series, produced by Freehub Mountain Biking Magazine, allowed me to collaborate with crew to create a logo mark. The final product would need to exist in both the short film and editorial feature. Explore the design process below.


Initial digital sketches: "Too much Truck"


When I was first presented with the design brief something in particular about this narrative stuck out to me. Thomas Vanderham, the rider featured in this piece, breaks free of his normal routine specifically through the use of his truck and mountain bike. That component drove the initial visual narrative of the mark.

However, after we reviewed the video from Scott Secco, it turns out that the truck played a much less dominant role than previously expected. So we re-positioned into doing more of a typographic treatment. 


The goal was to use two very different typefaces. The first being a sans serif font that was rigid and structured, visually speaking to this idea of containment. The second being much looser, and ultimately exuding a feeling of movement  and freedom.

The final solution, see it in action  here .

The final solution, see it in action here.